The sundays reading writing and arithmetic discogs complaints

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Harriet Wheeler

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Reading, Writing & Arithmetic

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Elusive indie-poppers The Sundays have given an interview to American Airlines in-flight magazine American Way (gained through some persuasive work by their super-fan editor Adam Pitluk) discussing new material and the possibilities of a reunion tour, report Stereogum.

Reviews. Harriet. 5. By tulipps Best voice I 'be ever heard. Never gets old. but the day I heard the Sunday's track, I cried. This song means so much to me, and to hear it sung by the voice of an angel made my heart smile. Reading, Writing & Arithmetic The Sundays.

The Sundays!!! Great British band!?

Blind The Sundays. Static &. The Sundays - Reading, Writing and Arithmetic Unavailable on vinyl since its release inRSD's exclusive pressing of the The Sundays' debut album is a chunky gm and limited to copies.

No RSD whistles, bells or extras, just a peculiarly potent slice of superior indie pop. The two best known tracks on Reading, Writing And Arithmetic are the singles Can't Be Sure and Here's Where The Story Ends, and two decades later these remain the best examples of The Sundays' appeal with their instant, breezy hooks and.

Reading, Writing and Arithmetic ~ Release by The Sundays (see all versions of this release, 8 available).

THE SUNDAYS - READING WRITING AND ARITHMETIC LP PICTURE DISC The sundays reading writing and arithmetic discogs complaints
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