Univocalic writing a letter

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Serious Play

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Constrained Communication

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Oulipo stands for "Ouvroir de littérature potentielle", which translates roughly as "workshop of potential literature". It is a loose gathering of French-speaking writers and mathematicians, and seeks to create works using constrained writing techniques.

A lipogram (from Ancient Greek: λειπογράμματος, leipográmmatos, "leaving out a letter") is a kind of constrained writing or word game consisting in writing paragraphs or longer works in which a particular letter or group of letters is avoided—usually a common vowel.

Alliteratives, in which every word must start with the same letter (or subset of letters; see Alphabetical Africa). Acrostics: first letter of each word/sentence/paragraph forms a word or sentence. Reverse-lipograms: each word must contain a particular letter.

Anglish, favouring Anglo-Saxon words over Greek and Roman words. Constrained writing is a literary technique in which the writer is bound by some condition that forbids certain things or imposes a pattern.

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Discovering Oulipo and The Freedom of Constrained Writing — Duende